About – Gonature Origins


Eco-friendly fashion & handicrafts that paves the way to ‘sustainable style’ while caring for lives, livelihoods and mother nature.

India with its rich heritage and diverse culture is home to numerous handlooms and handicrafts for centuries. Each handloom and handicraft represents the uniqueness of its place of origin and is a piece of art in itself. With the combined efforts of several handloom and handicraft lovers, many of these artforms that were long forgotten have got a fresh lease of life.

We proudly present precious weaves and handicrafts from various parts of India that are traditional in origin yet relevant to modern-day life. The specially curated collection is a rare combination of aesthetics, elegance, and versatility.


GoNature ORIGINS is the latest venture from CEDAR Retail, a fast-growing retail chain headquartered in Kerala working towards bringing positive change both to the society and environment.


Our eco–conscious collection brings to you fashion and lifestyle products that are unique in style, and sustainable in nature. ORIGINS is a revolutionary concept that aims to provide you high–quality products that are ethically sourced and lovingly crafted by expert artisans.

ORIGINS is an initiative to showcase the rich heritage of Indian handloom and handicrafts from all corners of the country.


Inspired by nature and crafted with love. We believe that preserving the age – old artforms and encouraging skilled artisans is the only way to safeguard our heritage. Each product is meticulously handpicked directly from the artisans to ensure its authenticity and genuineness. The specially curated collection comprises of most popular weaves to the lesser-known handloom. You will be spoilt for choices indeed!


We believe that financial empowerment of the artisans will help in preserving the artistic skill that have been passed from one generation to another. We are actively involved in training the tribal artisans, mostly women in handmade natural fiber products. These artisans are also provided employment opportunities thereby improving their quality of living


We believe in practicing sustainable living without compromising on modern-day comforts. Our products are 100% natural, eco -friendly, and hence sustainable. Our exclusive collection also comprises of products with weeds as raw material, thus creating a positive impact in the society and environment.


We believe in providing recognition to both the art and the artisans is essential to nurture and nourish the rich heritage of our country. Our customers are assured of the quality and authenticity of the products while the artisans are guaranteed of a reasonable and steady source of income.

Remember each product you purchase is helping to transform lives & nature!